From April 30 to May 3, the 14 th ART BEIJING will open at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center of Beijing as scheduled. After the explosive growth and adjustments of China’s art market and through balancing between ideals and realities, Art Beijing will continue to go deep Into the art market of China by carrying expectations and hopes. After years of exploration, Art Beijing has gradually built up four forms of art that include contemporary art, classic art, design art and public art.
Based on the core philosophy of „Locally based and Asia-oriented“, Art Beijing 2019 will see a total of some 190 selected exhibitors from 20 countries and regions. With an upgraded scale and modality, it will bring together important art forces at home and Abroad to present a panorama of China’s art market centering on Beijing.

Saša Makarová’s oeuvre is a figurative exploration of the topic of woman and femininity. Challenging self-portraits, with impasto floral and ornamental elements reminiscent of Henri Matisse are her means of expression. The expressive coloring of the Brücke painters finds its way in her art as well. For this purpose, she works with subjects from myths and fairy tales, with which she creates her own world in her pictures based on the gestural painting of the Fauvists, the Neuen Wilden and the action artists.

Makarová mixes her oil colors herself, with intensely glowing pigments. Appearances, such as the woodcut-like figures and bright, intense colors are reminiscent of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner or Emil Nolde. The style, choice of color and form are conscious means for Makarová to take the viewer on an emotional journey into the artist’s inner being. The Images capture intimate scenes of tense ambiguity, dressed in the aesthetic coat of sensuality. They tell us of mythological form of love, dependence and sexuality, always from the point of view of a self-determined femininity. (Nicole Rietbrock- Pashmin Art Management)